Our Inclusive Play™ technology ensures that our products are enjoyed by all kids, with or without special needs.

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4 yr old boy with very low muscle weakness due to a genetic disorder. The device was easy to use … He responded with purposeful movement to activate the switch. This is a big deal as he generally does not attempt to physically interact much with toys, screens, technology, etc. Mom became tearful when she saw him trying (it was pretty cool!)
Jennifer, Early Intervention & Behavior Specialist
I am so glad to find a fun and configurable game for kids of varied abilities, including kids who use switches for access. All the kids I tested this with enjoyed the game play and sounds. Hope they continue to develop more games for kids with disabilities.
Valerie, ReviewForDev Reviewer

Glad to see this issue of accessibility being addressed when it comes to personal computing.... fb.me/6SBRuWVl1

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