Dr. Johnetta MaCcalla
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. J. MacCalla is an executive with a 30-year track record managing technology companies. Prior to Zyrobotics, she was the CEO of Automated Switching and Controls Inc., a communications & controls company with over $8M in annual contracts with city & state transit. Before that Dr MacCalla was President of Advanced Systems Concepts Inc., overseeing approximately $3M in DOD contracts for military communications and control systems. As Chairman of the LA Metropolitan Transit Authority Foundation she managed their $100M endowment, and was a board member of the California High Speed Rail Commission. She is a member of the California S&T Policy Fellowship Review Board. Dr. MacCalla has degrees from Brown University, Stanford University and a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California.
Dr. Ayanna M. Howard
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Howard has over 20 years of R&D experience covering a number of projects that have been supported by a range of agencies including: NSF, NASA, Procter and Gamble, New School Venture, and Intel. Her career focus is on intelligent technologies that must adapt to and function within a human-centered world. Her work, which encompasses advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), assistive technologies, and robotics, has resulted in over 250 peer-reviewed publications. To date, her unique accomplishments have been highlighted through a number of awards and articles, including highlights in USA Today, Upscale, and TIME Magazine, as well as being recognized as one of the 23 most powerful women engineers in the world by Business Insider. Prior to Zyrobotics, Dr. Howard was a senior robotics researcher at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
John V. Harding
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Harding has over 20 years experience bringing new technologies to market with product development and leadership roles at HP, Motorola, Intersil and other leading semiconductor companies. He is experienced in building engineering teams and design flows focused on quality products and timely results. John holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and Howard University.
Henry Moss
Application Developer
An Atlanta native, Henry has always had a passion for game development with a particular focus on educational design. Following graduation from Southern Polytechnic State University, he has worked with multiple groups across the country on a variety of projects, including multiple entries in the Georgia-based Global Game Jam. Primarily working within the Unity3D engine, he believes in design patterns that encourages learning through student engagement.
Torian Harris
Application Developer
Torian serves as an Application Developer. He has always had a passion for games and he explored that during his studies as a Game Development major. Coming from an artistic background, he enjoys designing for games while also enjoying the more logical side of programming them. Torian earned his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Digital Media from the Savannah College of Art and Design.
Santhana Krishnan
Backend Developer
Santhana is passionate about developing productive software applications. continuously striving to broaden his skillset in technology to help and contribute to society via technology. He is currently pursuing his master's at Georgia State University. Santhana is working hard to give back to society in the form of social service through music and sports.
Brennan Sanford
Unity Programmer
A gamer since a young age, Brennan attended Southern Polytechnic State University and earned a bachelors in Game Design & Development. At school he made a multitude of games using the Unity3D game engine, winning a local Game Jam and getting second place at a college competition for best game. With a degree and personal achievements in hand. Brennan began work as a Unity Programmer at Zyrobotics and spends his spare time playing video games.
Antionesha Wheeler
Creative Design
Since her youth, Antionesha has had a clear, unwavering vision about the field she wanted to pursue. Using a variety of programs, she finds inspiration for her graphics in all areas of life on a daily basis. Through her experience and studies, she developed an appreciation for the minimalistic style of design she brings to our projects. Her focus is broad and her passion runs deep. Antionesha holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta.
Ai Zhang
Creative Design

Ai Zhang is an illustrator based in Atlanta. He specializes in illustration and advertising design. From a young age, Ai has always been passionate about creating art. He graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a Masters Degree in Illustration. As an illustrator, Ai’s primary responsibility is to meet with the team to collaborate on illustration and graphic design. He creates illustration assets and characters for apps. He often works with the team on the UX design and to ensure new products are designed to address the needs of all children.

Cristauna Barnes
Web Developer
Currently attending Georgia State University-Robinson College of Business, Cristauna is an IT enthusiast who is working to become a SME in web design. A Colorado native, she believes that technology is and should be a fundamental part of learning and is very passionate about helping others. Upon completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems, Cristauna will become a professional in Cyber Security while also teaching young children how to code using HTML, Java, and C+.
Parris Jean-Baptiste
Brand Ambassador
Parris Jean-Baptiste, a Washington, DC native holds a B.A. degree in Journalism & Public Relations. During her tenure at Georgia State University, she grew to love promoting brands through her internships at the Georgia State Capitol and other successful companies. At Zyrobotics, Parris is our in-house brand ambassador and enjoys her work spreading knowledge about STEM-based learning to parents and teachers near and far.
Megan Codilan
Sales and Media
The newest member of our team comes to us from across the border. This Canadian good girl attended the University of Winnipeg. Her background is in Performing Arts, including Second City Toronto where she studied and performed. She has also taught improv and acting to children. Merchandising and Arts have always been a passion for Megan. She is dedicated to helping children better understand the world around them and to developing relationships with parents to enrich children’s lives through play and learning.