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This page lists the set of Android Apps that all work with TabAccess, are fun to play and are free. Most of these apps are not designed to be switch-accessible but, by using TabAccess, the app can be played by tapping a switch instead of the screen. If you find others, please let us know!

Bouncy Bill
Bouncy Bill by Playscape is a one touch platform game.
Bill is a turtle that was cursed and lose this ability to move left and right. The goal of the game is to get Bill to the end platform on each level as soon as possible so he can win back his mobility.

To jump, touch the screen. Touch and hold the screen to jump longer and hold while falling to fall more slowly. There are several different types of platforms. Purple platforms break when jumped off of, some platforms have buttons that move other platforms, some platforms move back and forth across the screen, and so on.
Bouncy Bill is a challenging platform game that both frustrates and entertains the player. As the levels go on, it gets harder and harder to get the right timing to land Bill on the right platforms. Playscape also has other games in the Bouncy Bill series such as Bouncy Bill Seasons and Bouncy Bill Christmas.

Classic Helicoptor
Classic Helicopter by Odigo Project is a completely one touch game.
It’s a simple helicopter game. The goal is to fly as far as possible while avoiding the barriers, ceiling, and floor. The controls are basic. Tap and hold to fly up and release to go down.

This simple game is addictive and fun.

Don't Touch The Spikes
Don’t Touch The Spikes by Ketchapp is a simple one touch game. The goal is to make the little bird fly to collect the candy, but make sure not to touch the spikes. The controls are basic. Tap to change direction.

This simple game is challenging but fun.

Dragon, Fly!
Dragon, Fly! is a one touch game with a touch-and-hold style gameplay. The player plays as a baby dragon that is too young to fly and is trying to escape from its mother. To escape, the baby dragon has to go through various realms and use the hills and valleys in the environment to speed away from the mother. When the baby dragon is caught it’s game over.

Touch and hold anywhere on the screen to go down and release to go up. Doing this perfectly for one valley results in a Swoosh. Three Swooshes in a row unlocks fire mode, which continues as long as consecutive Swooshes are maintained. In addition, releasing and flying high in the air is called a SkyFly. Collecting diamonds adds to the overall score at the end of a game, and the blue speed potions make the dragon speed up for a short time. Completing achievements unlocks new higher level dragons that have score bonuses and a longer head start to get away from the mother.

This game is engaging and fun for all ages. The goals of reaching new realms and unlocking new dragons keeps players hooked on the game.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was a wildly popular one touch game that was taken off of the Play Store not long after it rose to fame. To play, tap repeatedly to fly up and let go to fall down to pass through spaces in pipes and get as high a score as possible. However, its popularity has given rise to a number of entertaining and frustrating knockoffs in the same style.

Floppy Bird by Carottus is among the most popular of these knockoffs. It is essentially Flappy Bird with a square bird rather than a round one.
Flappy Bee by HZDI is another remake where the bird is replaced by a bee.
Flappy Nyan by isTom Games replaces the bird with Nyan Cat and has a feature where you can play backwards.

Although they are entertaining remakes of Flappy Bird they are not the original. I still strongly recommend them.

Forest Fighter
Forest Fighter is a Zyrobotics one touch game. The idea is simple. An airplane is dropping water to put out forest fires on the ground while passing back and forth across the screen. With each pass across the screen the plane drops lower, and if it touches the fire it’s game over. the goal is to put out all of the fires on the screen and move in to the next level.

Forest Fighter has several adjustable options such as difficulty and plane speed to make the game easier or harder. With the range of settings there is a difficulty level for everyone.

Forest Fighter is a very entertaining game and is surprisingly challenging on the harder difficulties. I recommend it for all ages to play and enjoy.

Kindle puts over a million books at a users fingertips. It’s the app for every reader.

Tablets are a great device for reading. There are a variety of apps focused solely on reading ebooks with the device. The Kindle app has been known as an e-book reading app that shines in multiple ways. The Kindle app provide a pleasant reading experience – it has a built-in dictionary, and has easy and fast navigation and search abilities. The Kindle app also has a massive ebook selection – many of relevance to kids. Best of all, TabAccess allows book navigation very quickly – just tap on your switch to turn pages.

Ninjump is a game by Backflip Studios. In it the player is a cartoon ninja climbing upwards on a pair of walls. Tapping the screen switches the ninja between the walls and helps him avoid obstacles. If the ninja is hit by anything on a wall he falls off and the player loses.

If he hits something in midair such as a bird, squirrel, or ninja star, three times in a row he gets a temporary power up in which he becomes whatever he absorbed. However, it has to be three hits in a row of the same thing to get the power up.

Each time you lose, the game displays your high score and your previous score and gives you the option to play again. This and the title screen are the only parts of the game that aren’t one touch. The game is very entertaining and it is easy to get hooked on playing it. The one complaint I have is the ads, which pop up after you lose and are shown in a bar at the top of the screen, but there is a paid option to remove them. The company also makes a deluxe version of the game which has three different environments and is also free in the Play Store. Disregarding the ads, I recommend it for children of all ages.

Swing Copters
Swing Copters by Dong Nguyen is a one touch game from the maker of Flappy Bird.
Tappy Escape
Tappy Escape by Tapps is a unique one-touch runner game. Tappy is a fox who is trying to escape another fox driving a car.

Tapping the screen makes Tappy jump into the air to allow him to collect fruit and avoid obstacles. Touching and holding the screen causes him to jump higher and tapping the screen while jumping makes Tappy do a double jump. Touching an obstacle or the car causes Tappy to lose one of his three lives. Once he loses all three it’s game over.

The only parts of the game that aren’t one touch are the beginning starting screen and the retry button and ad that pop up after a player gets game over. Tappy Escape is challenging and fun and I recommend it for children to play. I give it 4 out of 5 stars for its engaging and challenging gameplay although the lack of instructions or a tutorial is somewhat confusing.

Turtle Invaders
Turtle Invaders is a Zyrobotics one touch game. Turtle Invaders is a fun cause and effect game, with additional features to help improve motor skills. Fun for all, with additional features to help children with special needs and younger children. Fully customizable settings can adjust game options based on an individual’s skill level. Think it’s too easy? Challenge yourself at the hardest difficulty level!
Whale Tail Frenzy
Whale Trail Frenzy by Ustwo is an endless flyer game played with a touch-and-hold style gameplay. Since the player can touch and hold anywhere on the screen to play it should be compatible with Zyrobotics technology, but I’m not sure if the touch-and-hold style will work. In addition, although the game itself is one touch it includes a shop where you can use the krill you get from completing flights to buy power ups, costumes, and other whales. The goal of the game is to get as high of a score as possible. In the game the player plays as a whale named Willow. The whale uses “blubbles” collected in flight as fuel to remain airborne. Touching the screen makes the whale go up, releasing makes Willow go down.

In the flight Willow has to avoid clouds, which causes him to lose fuel. When he runs out of fuel it’s game over. By collecting a full rainbow of stars Willow can enter frenzy mode and destroy clouds. Destroying clouds and collecting blubbles adds to the player’s score. The farther Willow flies, the more difficult the game gets. Clouds increase in frequency and blubbles become farther apart. At the end of a flight the player is awarded a score and some krill, which can be used in the shop. The game is engaging and enjoyable for all ages, I recommend it.

YooNinja by Runner Games is a one touch runner game. The player is a ninja running through a series of environments in either story mode or endless mode. In story mode the ninja gradually speeds up as more checkpoints are passed making the game become more difficult.

The ninja is controlled by tapping the screen to switch the direction of gravity. Blocks and platforms are arranged on the screen to allow the player to land safely when switching gravity. If the player gets trapped behind an obstacle and reaches the edge of the screen he loses. In story mode he reappears at the last checkpoint and in unlimited mode the player gets game over. If the ninja falls off of the bottom or top edges of the screen it’s game over as well.
YooNinja is simple but engaging. Like many free games it has some annoying ads. However, in spite of this I recommend it.

Zyrosky is a one touch runner game by Zyrobotics. In it, the robot Zyro needs to collect energy stars and make it back to his broken ship to fix it. Tap to jump from platform to platform and to collect stars.

Zyrosky has several adjustable features to make the game playable for children of any skill level. Zyro’s speed, the amount of stars, and the level of difficulty can all be adjusted.
Zyrosky is fun for children of any age and ability. It can be played on an easy difficulty setting to build confidence or a harder one to challenge the player. I recommend it.