Question: How do I setup TabAccess to use with my device?

Answer: We’ve tried to simplify the process for setting up TabAccess. The downloadable manual or the video tutorial provided on this site should help you with setup. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Question: I upgraded to iOS 8.1 and now I’m having difficulties pairing with TabAccess. What can I do?
Answer: Go to iOS Settings > General > Keyboard and toggle off Predictive. You should be able to connect as you did before.

Question: TabAccess is not ‘discoverable’ by my device during pairing.
Answer: Here’s a few things to try:

  • Ensure your battery is charged.
  • Ensure your TabAccess unit is awake by toggling the on/off switch.
  • Unit may be connected with another device, which is in range. Use ‘forget this device’ in your Bluetooth menu to make the unit available again.

Question: TabAccess has been connected to my device before but won’t connect now.
Answer: Re-connection should be automatic but if difficulties persist, try to ‘forget this device’ and then re-connect.

Question: The Bluetooth on my tablet can see TabAccess, but it still won’t connnect.
Answer: Turn off bluetooth on all nearby devices. If pairing is unsuccessful the first time, wait a few seconds and try pairing again.

Question: What keyboard outputs are available with TabAccess?
Answer: There are three ports available with your TabAccess unit. Outputs are ~1 (Right Port), ~3 (Left Port), and Space (Center Port). We find that the large majority of switch-accessible apps work with these three output modes.