“Prior to the creation of this device, it was difficult to use a variety of technology and Apps with this population due in large part to the problem of the children being able to successfully access the technology in a suitable manner.”
Speech and Language Pathologist
“I love the Zumo Learning System; it’s such a clever way for children of all learning styles and motor abilities to have fun with STEM!”
“My son loves math and he loved learning and experimenting with Zumo to see how different touches made the players or characters on the screen act differently. Each of the apps includes rewards and motivators that engage kids and leave them wanting more.”
“What makes this a learning system that’s fun is the very inclusion of a plush toy that automatically gives the child that feeling of comfort and being casual in his/her learning environment. And yes, it goes without saying, pairing a tablet with a toy is just a win-win for any child.”
" The plush toy actually empowers learning through play for children ages three through seven. When children touch Zumo’s shell, math, science and reading games come alive on the connected tablet—a device kids already love using—to make learning fun (like a large plushy, turtle shaped game controller). "
" This mobile technology makes learning portable and fun. In fact, the Zumo Learning System is perfect for traveling! It will keep children occupied in car or on an airplane while increasing their knowledge and allowing them to practice the skills they’ve learned. "
"Zyrobotics’ Zumo Learning System is an innovative system just entering the market that will provide fun and educational reinforcement during the early years while also preparing the child for a future career in a STEM field."
"My children are just starting out in elementary grades when learning is typically more on the fun side. Personally, I feel learning should always have some sort of element of fun no matter what age or grade, especially when your brain needs to wake up from summer vacation! That’s where The Zumo Learning System comes in."
"One of our favorite toys-for-learning is The Zumo Smart Turtle Toy. The Zyrobotics’ Zumo Smart Toy is seriously the perfect gift for any children Pre-K through 3rd grade! It makes learning science and math easy and fun with its ability to engage and go at your child’s own pace."
"When she comes to Aunt Jammie’s during the week, the first thing she does is gets her Zumo turtle and tablet. She will sit for hours playing the different games that came with Zumo the turtle as well as other educational games I have put on the tablet for her."
"Zumo is simple set-up. When you open the package, just plug in the turtle and enclosed tablet to charge. Once charged, everything is ready to go! Zumo is already synced to the tablet, so your child will be playing and learning in no-time!"
"This app holds many learning opportunities including learning to code (which is currently a highly-regarded mathematical/technical skill) problem solving, patience, persistence, reading and following instructions carefully. "
Australian Council