Patent-pending technology

    • Provides access through connection of multiple accessible devices such as sip/puff, button switches, grasp switches
    • Wireless tablet control
    • Android and iOS compatible
    • Compatible with iOS 7 Switch Control Events
    • Out-of-the box operation
    • Small size, light and compact
    • Easy mounting for powered wheelechairs, adjustable beds, etc.
    • Works with switch accessible Apps (iOS and Android)

Here’s some Android Apps that all work with TabAccess, are fun to play and best of all, they’re free.

The device was easy to use … he responded with purposeful movement to activate the switch.  This is a big deal as he generally does not attempt to physically interact much with toys, screens, technology, etc.  Mom became tearful when she saw him trying (it was pretty cool)!
Jennifer, Early Intervention & Behavior Specialist
Prior to the creation of this device, it was difficult to use a variety of technology and Apps with this population due in large part to the problem of the children being able to successfully access the technology in a suitable manner.
Jamie, Speech and Language Pathologist