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Tips For Keeping Your Kids Busy During Your Summer Road Trip

Summer road trips are not only a tradition, they’re a necessity. Whether you’re taking the kids to Disney World or your in-laws house in the country, kids will expect the entertainment to ensue the second their seat belt clicks. How

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How tech companies are making their apps more accessible to the disabled

Last football season, Yahoo’s Darren Burton did something he’d never done before: He commissioned a fantasy football league. That may not sound like a particularly impressive feat to you, but for Burton, navigating lists of players, stats, and scores is

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How One Blind Marathon Runner Is Using Technology To Run Solo

Of the 27,487 runners who traversed the city of Boston this year for the marathon, 39 were visually impaired. Running a marathon blind can be terrifying: Hordes of runners are bolting toward you, crowds scream from the sidelines, and you

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Special needs tech: The next wave of mobile?

The next wave of mobile technology may lie in the hands of special needs users. The boom in tablets and smartphones has only recently begun catering to the special needs population, as well as those who look after them. In

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