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The Reality of Technology In Children’s Lives

  It’s no secret, technology has swiftly crept up and taken over the world. We can’t live without it -our smartphones, our fancy headphones, our streaming services, and our multilingual electronic personal assistants. However, some of us can remember the

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Curing Back-to-School Blues for Elementary School Kids

The emergence of back-to-school sales can mean many things: no more white pants, shorter evenings, and a sharp decline in bug bites. For kids, this means one thing – no more playful summertime. Most likely, the return to class is

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Healthy Viewing: New Screen Time Guidelines for Kids

How much screen time is healthy for kids? Parents who are unsure of the answer can turn to a new set of guidelines put forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The new recommendations outline how much time kids

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The Kid’s Doctor: Raising A Tech-Savvy Child

It seems that there is a new article published every week discussing the use of electronic devices by our children. There is a lot of interest on this topic for a very good reason: We do know that children, many

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