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Introducing Robots to Young Children

Robotic culture has earned a detailed aesthetic showcasing artificial intelligence and rebellion. Through cinematic creation, science fiction, and other alternate universes, we have seen a plethora of robotic adventures that end in turmoil. As adults, many of us know this

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Robots Are Invading Malls (and Sidewalks) Near You.

At the upscale Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California, people are taking selfies with a roving robot that looks like a cross between Wall-E’s girlfriend and R2D2. It’s actually a K5 robot security guard—a 300-pound, sensor-filled droid made by

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iRobot sells off military robotics business

NEW YORK—You may know iRobot for its popular Roomba series of robotic vacuum cleaners. But the Bedford, Mass., company also has been producing robots for the military, public safety and for industrial markets. On Thursday, iRobot announced that it was

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