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Back-to-School Shopping Made Easy

Summer camp is winding down, nights are coming sooner, and bedtimes are making a dreaded reappearance. That’s right, summer is over and school is coming back! It’s time to get all your ducks in a row and make sure the

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Curing Back-to-School Blues for Elementary School Kids

The emergence of back-to-school sales can mean many things: no more white pants, shorter evenings, and a sharp decline in bug bites. For kids, this means one thing – no more playful summertime. Most likely, the return to class is

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Girls Are Beating Boys in Tech and Engineering at School

In news that could (hopefully) bode well for increasing the number of women in STEM fields in the future, eighth grade girls outperformed eighth grade boys on a national test measuring engineering and technology literacy. The exam, called the National

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