• Learn the basics of coding with simple commands, sequences, and loops.
  • Interactive read-along story including mini-games, stunning visuals, animations, and sounds
  • Accessible interface for kids of all ages and abilities
  • Teaches the use of commands, sequences, and loops
  • Use code to solve fun challenges and puzzles



The Code Road teaches programming basics by exposing kids to the basics of coding with simple commands, sequences and even loops. It relies on visual learning as a cute turtle does actions based on their input.  The Code Road provides coding practice for young children of all abilities.



The Code Road is a free App that can be used to introduce young children to the basic logic behind computer programming. The objective of this lesson plan is to teach young students the basics of programming using the Tommy the Turtle – Learn to Code App.

Subject: Computer Science

Lesson: Programming for Beginners

Integrate a little art into your coding exercises. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. This art activity provides some printable coloring sheets.




This step-by-step video tutorial walks parents and teachers through the basics of the Code Road coding app.