The Zumo™ Learning System is an electronic learning system that makes STEM fun and accessible for children with special needs!

  • The Zumo Learning System enables children to engage in interactive hands-on STEM learning.

  • Accessible to children with various motor, cognitive, and learning abilities.

  • Incorporates multi-sensory learning approaches to address the diverse learning needs of children.

  • Each app is switch-accessible and fully customizable based on the special needs of each child.

The Zumo Learning System combines a 7″ tablet, educational apps, and a plush switch, named Zumo, to create an engaging and educational experience for children with special needs. This accessible tool provides Tactile/Kinesthetic, Auditory, and Visual interaction to enable multi-sensory learning to address the diverse learning styles of children. Included with the learning system is a unique set of fun educational play apps for K-3rd graders that uses proven educational techniques to maximize learning.

Zumo is compatible with iPads and Android tablets and a host of other switch-accessible apps already available on the App Store and on Google Play.

*If interested in purchasing the Zumo Plush Switch by itself, contact us today!

Sample of accessible apps included with the Zumo™ Learning System

I have a 10 year old Autistic son and he absolutely loves the game. Great job so far , glad to see some sensory games available with hand eye coordination to help Autistic children learn. It’s more than a game it is a learning tool.
Parent of Child with Special Needs, Reviewer
The Zumo Learning System – Accessible Innovations that are Game Changers!

Global Elevate Awards, Technology for Inclusion