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Zyrobotics, LLC

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Freedom through Technology


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We believe technology helps level the playing field in a child’s ability to learn. We believe universal access to technology at an early age gives kids an earlier start on the skills necessary to succeed in the future.


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We are changing how children learn by providing them with the 21st Century skills they need through Zyrobotics.


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We are ensuring that all children, based on their unique differing abilities, are given a quality STEM foundation and a successful transition into a life filled with exciting and fun STEM based opportunities!.


Trusted by Schools, Chosen by Parents

Find the Right STEM Products for Your Child’s Education




Zumo Learning

AI-Powered Learning Tool





STEM Storiez

Connected E-Books and Games






Learning Analytics






Switch Interface


“Overall, this is a great system designed to help kids of all abilities have a level playing field. The level of customization is something that I have not seen in any other type of learning system – and the ability to work with kids on #commoncore and progress upward is a huge step in the right direction.” -The iMums


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We make early STEM learning fun and Accessible to a diverse Community