Zyrobotics Named Top Innovator 2016 for Wireless Mobile Technology

February 23, 2016
John Quinn

The Wireless Technology Forum named Zyrobotics Top Innovator 2016 for their mobile devices and accessible learning platforms for children with and without special needs.

Atlanta, GA— Zyrobotics, an educational technology company, is transforming the way individuals can interact with mobile and wireless devices. Named Top Innovator 2016 by the Wireless Technology Forum for their line of assistive technology hardware and educational apps, Zyrobotics gives access to individuals with limited upper mobility. The Wireless Technology Forum gathers executives, business owners, and industry insiders together to share industry news and to provide the most innovative companies with exposure.

Through research conducted in the labs of Georgia Institute of Technology and funding from the National Science Foundation, Zyrobotics is changing the landscape of mobile technology by creating adaptive devices for children and adults with special needs. Their scientific research and expertise have enabled them to build switch interfaces, plush switches, and mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android devices that promote accessibility on wireless mobile platforms.

Dr. MacCalla CEO of Zyrobotics says, “to be acknowledged as an innovated company means that our efforts to make a difference in how children have access is beginning to be recognized and hopefully will result in increasing our ability to interest investors in our company”.

The use of mobile devices typically requires a pinch or swipe gesture, but for those with cerebral palsy, or limited upper mobility, performing that gesture is difficult. Just last year, Zyrobotics received the best in mobile hardware award for their assistive device TabAccess at the Atlanta Mobile Awards 2015 that enables users to control a tablet without touching the screen. Zyrobotics focuses their research and design on inclusive educational technology for children.

To read more, please go to the Wireless Technology Forum website by clicking here.

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