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The Reality of Technology In Children’s Lives

  It’s no secret, technology has swiftly crept up and taken over the world. We can’t live without it -our smartphones, our fancy headphones, our streaming services, and our multilingual electronic personal assistants. However, some of us can remember the

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How to Teach Young Children to Code

Coding has gained the stigma for being a “mature” technical skill. In reality, much like reading and writing, it’s a skill that should be taught during elementary education. As intimidating as coding may seem, the cognitive and critical thinking skills

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Why Kids Should Learn Coding At An Early Age

  As we reach a technological peak, it’s becoming exceedingly important to gain fluency in programming and coding. According to Mitchel Resnick, Director of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, “Coding is the new literacy. To thrive

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Are Hardware Toys the Future of Kids’ Coding?

Plenty of games and apps teach kids to code. But educators and toymakers are betting that teaching computer science isn’t about coding at all. “Computers have gotten so user-friendly that modern people, maybe not just kids, expect the computer to

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