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How to Teach Young Children to Code

Coding has gained the stigma for being a “mature” technical skill. In reality, much like reading and writing, it’s a skill that should be taught during elementary education. As intimidating as coding may seem, the cognitive and critical thinking skills

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Yale lab looks to ‘toys’ to improve life on autism spectrum

Researchers at Yale Child Study Center’s Technology and Innovation Laboratory are using “toys” to conduct ground-breaking research to improve treatment and teaching techniques for those on the autism spectrum and with other developmental disabilities. Frederick Shic, director of the lab,

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Want Toys With More Diverse Abilities? There’s #ToyLikeMe For That

Last year, journalist and creativity consultant Rebecca Atkinson noticed a striking absence of disabled characters within her kids’ massive toy collection, so she did a little digging; she discovered that, outside of the occasional broken-leg-with-cast, disabled representation across the entire

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Are Hardware Toys the Future of Kids’ Coding?

Plenty of games and apps teach kids to code. But educators and toymakers are betting that teaching computer science isn’t about coding at all. “Computers have gotten so user-friendly that modern people, maybe not just kids, expect the computer to

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